Bible Reading Plan

The Venture Journal

The Venture Journal is a tool to help you as you spend time daily Before God. The goal of the plan is not just to read the verses (while valuable) but to spend time with God.


Find the Scripture for today in the Reading Plan. It is usually just two chapters everyday. If you miss a day, don’t worry – just skip it and pick back up with the current day’s reading. The goal is not to check the box for the reading – the goal is to meet with God in His Word.

You can read the Bible for free online at


Take some time to think about what you are reading. What verses stand out to you or speak directly to you? Think about how you can apply these verses today.


Take some time to respond through prayer. A journal is a great tool to write out verses, prayer requests, thoughts and prayers to God. If you journal, always note the date, the passages and key thoughts. Some people find it easier to concentrate when writing out their prayers.

Each step is important – Read, Reflect and Respond – but how you choose to follow the steps should match what best helps you connect with God consistently. Don’t miss out on sharing your thoughts with others who are following the Venture Journal as well.